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230 i6 carb fit a carb from a 250 i6?

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My '72 has a straight six that is a Frankenstein. From what i have gathered from the internet, the block is a '65 230 from a truck. The distro is a HEI from a '78 and i don't know where the other parts came from yet. Its time to replace the carb. Car has sat for 12-15 years and the carb is pretty much rusted itself up. When looking for a MonoJet for a 230, all i see are MonoJets for the 250. From what i understand, the 230/250 use the same block and manifold and only the internals are different. So will a carb for a 250 fit my 230?
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You can use any 1b 230,250,292
Not to steal the trhead, but are all three carburetors the same cfm, or would a 250 or 292 carb be a higher cfm than the 230 carb?
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