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2012 Frankenmuth Carshow

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Anyone going to the Frankenmuth show in Sept. 7,8 & 9th? I'll be there like usual. Let me know who's going to be there.:)
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I have gone in the past but wont be going this year. They normally have a great turn out:yes: Plus all the German :beer: you can drink :beer1::beer1::cool::D

Have fun:yes::D
I'll be there with my car.
Yea, I plan on being there with the 63 ss vert. We usually park behind the Bavarian Inn. Ron:beer1:
I'm coming, bringing a group of 21 cars (3 novas - a 71', 72 and my 66 wagon) from north of Toronto, ON.

Leave here 8am on Thursday and arrive by 3pm. Staying at the Fairfield Inn, Saginaw.

This is our 7th year. Hoping for good weather, especially friday night.

It's a little to far away for me and my 3.73's :D
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