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So I'm gearing up to make the switch. I think I have all the parts. I have yet to get the 2004R rebuilt but since we've still got quite a lot of snow on the ground and I can't get Lucille out of the barn, there isn't much point to doing it right now. Plus I want to make sure the 3 month warranty they give me on the rebuild lasts as long as possible while I can actually drive her instead of wasting it sitting in the barn.

Anyway, I have concerns about making the swap work. I'm concerned about not adjusting things correctly and burning up a freshly rebuilt transmission. Because of that I'm considering taking all the parts to the transmission shop and having them do the switch after they've rebuilt the trans.

Any idea how much something like that would cost? I've been so busy at work I barely have time to eat lunch let alone call the shop and ask them. I'm hoping things will slow down enough this week so I can.
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