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I was just over at my friends shop where he was taking a 383 off of the dyno that was just completed. It dynoed 574 hp at 6500 at this altitude which corrected for that equaled 643 at sea level. Ported 215 Dart heads, 272/279 @.050 on a 108LSA , super victor with a Demon 750 carb on a 1 inch open spacer ( all he had ) , 13-1 compression. As was noted by its torque curve ( and its fuel consumption goes squirrley above 5500 ), it definatly needed more carb , but this is what the owner of the engine has for now.

Me personally i think tunnel rams recieve a bad rap. He and I talked about things we might do for my next one and I asked him if he ever tried 2 650's on a tunnel ram. I don't like how a 660 is near 1 to 1 and with its single pump myself and I have 2 650 main bodys that i could build up. Anybody out there ever tried this combo ??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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