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1st gen th350 question

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I replaced the trans mount on my 64 with one from Oreilly suppose to be the one for 64 with PowerGlide so i figure should be same as th350 looked a bit taller than the old one but the old one was worn out after putting it back together i have experianced a rattle i didn`t have before the new one has raised the tall housing up really close to the trans tunnel allmost touching . I have looked online at different mounts but can`t seem to find one that is made like the old one it was more flat where it mounts the new ones i am finding are raised up and raises the trans. anyone know of a part number that i can find that is more flat don`t have a picture of my old one didn`t think nothing about it when i switched it last week so it went out with the trash. here is what the new one looks like

maybe it is right and i need to look at something else the talhousing is not touching the floor but is really close where the top 2 bolts bolt the tailhousing on .
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Chevy II only sells a nice one.
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