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1st gen spring perch boots

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Hello everyone. A question for all with a 1st gen. The boots on the coil spring perch assy on my car are split, and I'm getting some squeaking type noise from it(RF). Are there replacement boots for these, or do I have to replace the whole assembly? CI has the whole setup, but if I can get away with the boots only, that would be better.
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The factory front lower spring perch on my 66 was a metal bushing with grease zerks and rubber grease caps. If there is play in the joint, metal or rubber bushings, they need to be replaced. The bushing is not generally serviceable.

Most of the replacement lower spring perches use a rubber bushing from what I have seen.
The first gen factory coil spring perches (with grease zerks) are not considered servicable. I just happen to have a brand new set left over from my wagon drop project that I was planning on returning this week. I could let them go for what ever I paid for them. If your interested, send me a PM.
Sorry guys. I should have been more specific. The boots on the shaft are torn, so they wont hold grease, and I'm getting the squeaking from the right front. The shop guy showed it to me the other day.
Grease boots for front spring perch

I know this is an old thread but I'm looking for new boots for my original perchs and I'm having a hard time finding these. Anyone have a source for these of maybe a part number to search on?
Perch boots

How about some decent used ones. I need two to complete my set.
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