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All aftermarket parts are not created equal.... I have spent the last 2 hours trying to install my (( Corvex )) made sill plates on my 66 and both have basically split at the seams. My carpet is cut correctly so there is no interference issues and they are soo easily mared, it is just plain pathetic. You just got to love the stuff comming from Taiwan...... NOT!:mad:

I am thinking about making the trip to Carlisle this year to see what is available and to pick up some GM restoration sill plates. Unless, they are the same quality "stuff" that comes from over seas then, only time will tell.

Anybody else have the same issues or, am I the only one?


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I know we're talking 1966 here, but a note for you guys with 62/63 converts. Convertible sill plates are different than hardtops. Make sure your supplier is aware and sends you the right ones.

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