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1st Gen Clutch Z-Bar

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I'm trying to make sure what parts I need to set up a clutch linkage in my '64 small-block car. Looking at Year One's site, they list one part # for the Z-bar, and they say it fits 6-Cyl. and V8 applications. So is this correct? Is the Z-bar the same part for both Straight 6 and V-8 engines?

Also, Since all I have is a non-Nova engine block, do I need any adapter parts to adapt the factory-style clutch linkage on the engine side?

I could, of course, answer all these questions for myself if I was to mock it all up and just see how stuff fits, but my shop is uh... a bit busy right now with other projects that I'm trying to get out of the way so I can start on the Nova, so maybe you guys can help with a bit of info :) Thx!
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Hopefully this gets a lot of run, I'd like to know about this also.
Yes the Zbar is the same and yes, a non ChevyII block requires the block adapter. :D
As Flyer said, the z-bars are the same, the adjustable rod is different btwn 6-cylinder & V8. Yes you will need an adapter on the engine side to locate the pivot in the correct position. Feel free to send me a pm if you need info.
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