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1st Gen Aftermarket Side Trim / Molding? - 64

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I saw this side trim on this 64 and figured it wasn’t stock. Any idea if this was custom made or aftermarket? It’s sharp looking.

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They're calling this car a super sport, but the mid body trim appears to be 1964 Nova 400 sport coupe.

Thanks Bob, it looks so good, I didn’t think it was stock. I’d like to swap out my current trim if I can find any.

When I bought my 63 over 20 years ago, it came with some aftermarket universal trim from what I think was an RV. I pulled out the rubber inserts in the aluminum extrusions and polished up some aluminum strips and attached them. Mind you, it isn’t great, but it doesn’t look bad. Just looking to update with a better look.

My existing trim:

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The '64 trim may not be easy to find, because it was one-year and only came on 2 models, the sport coupe and Nova 2 door sedan. The front fender trim could be sourced from a
Nova 4 door, but the door and rear quarter trim would have to be from the one of the above mentioned models.

Yeah, the '64 400 trim complete for a 2-door can be a bear to find in complete restorable shape. The quarters are two pieces and the little fronts tend to go wherever socks in the dryer go.

The trim you have now doesn't look half bad, but I get wanting to change. The car in the ad is missing the rocker and lower quarter trim, which really makes '64 distinct. Here is a really nice wagon with complete trim

Thanks @SouthBay2s and Bob. That side trim is definitely something I want to do, but I may be better off having some custom side trim milled and polished for (probably) cheaper than finding and piecing together a set. We‘ll see, I appreciate the feedback and info, Thanks again.
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