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1st/2nd genner factory A/C ?'s (again)

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any of you guys who are running the under dash AC convert to 134?

what would i need to do to convert over from R12?

thanks a lot, appreciate the assistance. :thumbsup:
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Hi and Low side connectors are different size(Metric?), I think you can get adapters at any parts house:yes:
Greg, i'm lost... i have no idea what you're referring to... can ya 'splain it to me? ;)

is this on the compressor? :confused:
Greg, i'm lost... i have no idea what you're referring to... can ya 'splain it to me? ;)

is this on the compressor? :confused:
the charging ports are different..
I'm sure if you run a 134a compressor with all new lines you should be ok.:yes: its the freon and oil that is the main change over.
The evap. it just a holding/boiling chamber it doesn't care what freon is n it.
awesome, thanks Dave!!! ;)
Heres a link as to what the fittings look like if you using the old hoses . You will have to change the comp oil to Esteroil local parts store should have it and get new fittings for you're gauges also. RICK
Alternative refrigerants that have been found acceptable for automotive applications are below. The suppliers of the alternative blends say their products typically cool better than straight R-134a in systems designed for R-12, and do not require changing the compressor oil or desiccant in some cases. Changing the desiccant to XH-7 is usually recommended if an R-12 system is converted to R-134a. The desiccant should also be replaced if a blend contains R-22 because R-22 is not compatible with XH-5 or XH-7 desiccant. The recommended desiccant in this case would be XH-9.

Free Zone (RB-276). *Supplied by Refrigerant Gases, this blend contains 79% R-134a, 19% HCFC-142b and 2% lubricant.

Freeze 12.*Supplied by Technical Chemical, this blend contains 80% R-134a and 20% HCFC-142b.

FRIGC (FR-12).*Made by Intermagnetics General and marketed by Pennzoil, this blend contains 59% R-134a, 39% HCFC-124 and 2% butane.

GHG-X4 (Autofrost & McCool Chill-It).*This blend is supplied by Peoples Welding Supply and contains 51% R-22, 28.5%

HCFC-124, 16.5% HCFC-142b and 4% isobutane (R-600a).

GHG-HP. Also supplied by Peoples Welding Supply, this blend contains 65% R-22, 31% HCFC-142b and 4% isobutane (R-600a).

Hot Shot\Kar Kool.*Supplied by ICOR, this blend contains 50% R-22, 39% HCFC-124, 9.5% HCFC-142b and 1.5% isobutane (R-600a).
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