I've been asked to sell my friends 1978 Rally Nova. I posted a narrative of him, and his wife's decision to sell their car within Steve's Nova Site which may be found by searching for posts made by myself over the last week. I have received documents allowing the sale to proceed, with keys so I can pick their car up from its present location and keep it at my shop. This also enables test driving and potential delivery to a new owner. I'll pick the car up mid next week, sometime after the 15th of June.

Pricing on Gail's Nova is somewhat flexible because of Gail's desire the car be sold to someone who will really treasure it as she has and likely restore it. What she would like to do is offer her car for sale much as would be done at a car show or club gathering. i/e lots of talk and discussion to arrive at the best deal for both parties. Gail really enjoyed that part of her ownership on the occasional times she was able to attend car enthusiasts gatherings.

I'll put a price of $20,000 on it as a starting point then accept offers for a couple of weeks. Gail hopes offers will include reasons why a new buyer wants the car and what they can do with it. Photos of your prior or current Nova projects will be considered fully, as well as the money offered. Clearly the car may not be sold to the highest bidder, but instead to the person we feel will best curate it over some unknown future. And consideration for the complexity of delivery is another factor of importance. While Gail cannot engage in direct conversation with buyers, she can express responses to what we read to her. I can promise that every offer made will be presented to her for her consideration and we will respond back - just like at a car show.

Offers with narrative can be made by private message to me at " [email protected] " which is my old business address - I'm semi-retired. My buddies and I use my shop equipment to do special projects for ourselves now, and for people like Gail who simply need a hand-up to brighten their day.

All financial aspects of offers will be kept confidential. However questions about the Nova Rally will be answered publicly so everyone will have equal knowledge of the car and its history. We welcome correction of any data presented which may be incorrect or clarification by members who know more about these specific models than I do.

This particular Nova was built with the Rally and Rally stripe option. It has power steering, power brakes, and CA emission system. It has a heater (no A/C) and multi speed wipers. It was built with an automatic transmission.

Thank you for making an offer. These photos show the current condition of her Nova.

Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Tire

The plastic bumper insert is in great shape - the house paint is starting to flake off which protected it. I'm pretty sure the headlamps are halogen upgrades.

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light

If you look closely you can see a small rust area just over the tail pipe exit. The remainder of the body is remarkably straight and fit. No door sag and all the locks work well.

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Car Vehicle

The rear of the car presents well. There is a small dent at the left side of the license plate. The plastic between body metal and bumper is intact. The lamp assemblies were new reproduction parts a few years ago.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Car seat cover

Most of the interior plastic is shot and has been removed. The carpets are also removed with their padding. The seat was reupholstered in a non stock velour material. I believe the door pulls broke, were replaced by these straps from a Chevy truck, and then the OEM reproduction pulls were reinstalled when they became available from Classic Industries. When I painted them to the correct color the drivers side came out fine but the passenger side turned green. Very odd. I painted it several times and after drying the paint turned from blue to green. I'll check on that and post an updated photo if needed.
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Window

The front seat sliding adjuster hangs up sometimes. Her dashboard has several small cracks from sun damage. The window crank has been replaced. All the windows work and are reasonably well sealed when closed. The foot well vents work well also. The front seat belt retractors are hanging up. They need to be cleaned and serviced but the belts and latches are functional. The turn signal switch in the steering column doens't self cancil anymore. Likely needs a new switch. The key ignition lock works fine as does the "key in" warning buzzer. However the shift indicator arrow is out of calibration.

Brown Home appliance Gas Wood Electronic device

The radio has been replaced with a non stock unit shown here. There is an LED display that lights up and the knobs are multi function. I believe there is a packing tape cover over the displace in this photo. I had to modify the knob bezels so I wouldn't have to cut the dash board hole centers to get it in. The wiring has been tied up and all the radio speakers (front and rear) have been replaced with correct ohm and size units.

We appreciate your looking her car over. Thank you for making Gail an offer. Ladd