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1977 nova emission controls

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Hi I have been trying to figure out what kind of emission control devices I am required to have. The car originally had a 6 cylinder in it . The plant was NY. I am putting a 383 in it . I live in NV. so all devices have to look operational and be present for the visual inspection Thank You for help Joe
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Built In Los Angeles

I just checked the vin built in L.A.
It needs to have EGR and smog pump for sure. I have a 77.

PS and cats.
The exact emissions equipment varied depending on the engine and whether or not the car was originally sold for use in California (not necessarily where it was built). For example, my 77 was built in CA but went to a dealership in Oregon (according to the build sheet I found under the back seat) so it just had the federal/49-state emissions equipment.

Page 27 of the 1977 Nova info pack from the GM Heritage Center ( gives a complete list of all the emissions equipment as follows:

- PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) was used on all engines.
- EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) was used on all engines.
- CHA (carburetor hot air) was used on all engines (this is the air cleaner with a tube leading down to a heat stove on the exhaust manifold).
- MAI (manifold air injection) aka "smog pump" was CA only for the L6 & 305. 350's got the smog pump on both CA and "high altitude" 49-state emissions packages.
- FEC (fuel evaporation control) was used on all engines (this is the charcoal vapor canister setup)
- CCC (controlled combustion system) was used on all engines except in CA. This is basically carb & ignition tuning to meet the 49-state emissions requirements.
- UFC (under floor converter) aka catalytic converter was used on all engines.
- EFE (early fuel evaporation) was used on all engines (this is the vacuum actuated valve on the exhaust manifold outlet (RH side on V8).
-MMC (monolith manifold converter) was used on L6 in CA only. I think this was something to do with the way the smog pump injected air into the manifold/converter on these engines that was a little different than the V8 setup.
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Emission Sticker

Thank You for all the help. I do have the original emissions sticker under the hood for the L6. But if I show up for the inspection, they will look it up as a 350 v8 Joe
I find it hard to imagine why a state with so little population and riddled with abandoned nuclear test sites would be worried about vehicle emissions.

Cars built prior to 67 are exempt here and a new law was passed a few years ago exempting vehicles with classic car insurance.
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