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Table of Contents - 1974 LS2 Nova Project

As my build thread starts approaching 30 pages, it becomes more difficult for me to surf through the pages to find references to certain parts of the project. So, I got this idea to create a separate thread that is a table of contents to the build thread. This way, I (and others) can quickly jump to the topic of choice. I'll include the link to the contents in my signature so that it is always readily available, and periodically edit/update the contents as the project moves along.

Page 1 - Unveiling, Swiss Cheese roof, LS2 delivery

Page 2 - Old engine/tranny pulled out

Page 3 - Removing frozen brake drums, air shock part number, aluminum wheel polishing

Page 4 - Gas tank removal

Page 7 - Wiper arm removal, cowl removal, front fender removal

Page 8 - Removal of bumpers

Page 9 - New roof in place, cleaning rusty parts with acid, paint spray gun

Page 10 - 1st attempt at spraying primer, unveiling the LS2, new roof, electric fuel pump

Page 11 - Donor parts (includes trunk pan)

Page 12 - Removing a gas tank lock without a key, primer painting with a brush

Page 13 - Engine stand, proper bolts to put an LS engine on a stand (continued on page 14)

Page 14 - Bodywork, frame notching, Dakota Digital dash cluster

Page 16 - Completed body work, Seam sealer removal

Page 18 - Front suspension tear-down (continued on page 19)

Page 19 - Removal of upper ball joints

Page 20 - Coil spring removal challenges

Page 21 - Removal of steering linkage parts, Purchase of used 220 volt air compressor

Page 22 - Listing of time and costs to date, experiments with home-made soda blaster

Page 23 - Drying system for air lines, first use of media blaster, blasting details

Page 24 - Prep/paint the subframe, List and cost of suspension parts

Page 25 - Urethane bushings, Home made blaster "cabinet"

Page 26 - Installation of Pitman arm and idler arm

Page 27 - Truck bed paint, Installation of upper A-arms, Gas pedal removal, coalescing air dryer

Page 28 - Coil spring installation, home made spring compressor, body bushing removal

Page 30 - Smoothing the firewall

Page 31 - Installation of steering gearbox, sand blasting the roof, painting the roof with epoxy primer, hatch cleanup and painting

Page 32 - Paint removal, prep work, and spraying primer (multiple pages)

Page 36 - The land of Bond-O (multiple bodywork pages)

Page 40 - Techniques for building a curve with body filler

Page 42 - New home for me and the Nova

Page 44 - Steering column removal

Page 46 - Steering wheel removal, steering column disassembly/refinishing

Page 47 - HVAC system and ducting disassembly and removal

Page 49 - HVAC control disassembly and rebuild

Page 50 - Dash bezel disassembly, including light and wiper controls

Page 51 - Gauge cluster installation; Refurbishing the dash pad

Page 55 - Steering coupler (rag joint) rebuild; Holley oil pan installation

Page 57 - A/C evaporator, dryer, and suitcase refurbishing

Page 59 - Holley LS engine mounts, low-mount alternator clearance/replacement

Page 62 - Installation of LS2/4L60E into the car

Page 68 - Refurbishing the steering wheel

Page 69 - Rearend removal and Dana 60 prep

Page 80 - Brake system installation and bleeding

Page 83 - Rear disc conversion on Dana 60

Page 84 - LS2 / PSI wiring harness

Page 91 - Off to the custom shop

Page 95 - Chasing electrical gremlins

Page 97 - Refurbishing and upholstering a bench seat
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