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1974 nova

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ok i have 350 with power stering an ac can headers fit an the car has 2 inch drop spindles will the pipes be to low thanks
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I'm running the Doug Thorley Tri-y headers for P/S 4-speed and 2" drop,oh and angle plug heads. When I went to put them on I thought,"no friggin' way these are going to fit".Jacked it way up,dropped the p/s box(just let it hang),pulled the plugs,(even then I had my doubts and thinking how I have to send them back). And walfigginla! They are so nice!:yes: The frame is lower than the headers.I put it on the ground and the lowest thing is the engine crossmember. I already cut the scattershield lip years ago when it was on a racecar. I did have to move the Z-bar plate back on the frame because the z-bar tube just hit the header tube and no way was I going to ding those pretty things.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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