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I call it the 4 door dinosaur. I really want to get some brontosauruses embroidery work in the floor mats

sf_hippie - 1974

Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in)

Year: 1974

Model: Nova

Engine: Currently 307 soon to be l96

Body/Exterior: needs work. Currently Green. Trying to decide an exterior colour.

Transmission: currently th350 soon to be 6l90e

Rear End: thinking mid 3s gearing. Not sure though. 10 bolt

Exhaust: flowmaster

Wheels/Tires: boss 338 gray

Interior: currently bench seats,but looking at some procar spyder seats

Electrical: upgrading for the gen iv small block. Creating a custom gauge set using a raspberry pi


Sound system: raspberry pi controlled. 800rms pioneer amp for 2 12" punchs. Also have boat speakers in the grill.

Additional Comments: I need help picking a colour. I was thinking of black, but it just seems so hard to keep it looking good. I am also considering white, green, purple, and dark red.


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Wanted purple for mine for longest...

Mine is currently a greenish color...

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