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Hey guys,

Finally got my 5.3 turbo Nova up and running now (pics to follow)

I got a saganaw 800 rear steer assembly

I was under the car today doing bushing maintenance and noticed that one of my tie rod ends is a bit bent (passenger side only) but the steering is dead straight.

Question is did the tie rod ends for this year with a rear steer come with a bent from factory tie rod? I googled up some images but most are replacement kits that do not have a bent tie rod end. Only one pic I found had a bent from factory tie rod end.

Also wondering what manual rack I can put in there and remove that big bulky saganaw, do I keep the pitman arm from this assembly and use it with a universal manual rack assembly?

If you're wondering what my turbo setup is it's a 76mm up and forward headers, 3" crossover, T4 flange. -10 feed/-8 return dual 400lph 210lbs injectors. Stock everything else.


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