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1973 Nova SS

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I used to be a member a long time ago. But either I don't remember my old username password correctly or it was purged.

Anyways I am out of Ventura County California. With a 73 Nova SS that I have owned since 88. I was one of the first dozen to get and install the Detroit Speed coilover conversion. It is hopefully gonna get the Alston G-bar and mini-tubs at the end of the year.

The car has had everything from the original 350 to the LS6 under the hood. I even had a LS series motor for awhile. It has had the TH350, TH200R4, TH700R4 and the 5 as well as 6 speed.

I took some time off of the car for other projects and business but I have it back in the garage and ready to go again.

Here is where I have to put on my flame suit. I am building and working on putting a Lexus 1UZFE 4 cam all aluminum V8 into it with a M112 supercharger and a R154 5 speed transmission. It just seemed different and fun. Plus I have been involved with this engine in a number of different cars including a 33 Ford.

So I am braced up. Let me have it!

Jake <---Ducking!
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Welcome to the site.

I'm not at all familiar with Lexus engines but it's your car so do whatever you want to it.

BUT we will need pictures :D
Welcome to the site.lots of good info on this site......:worthless:
hey welcome back to the site!! LOL!! Maybe your Nova will bring the American Muscle car guys and the import guys together :grouphug:
Well as soon as I have everything under one roof I will snap some pictures. I finally got the Nova out of storage (on Independence day oddly enough). I picked up the transmission yesterday as well. I am hoping the supercharger will be in my hands in about a week.

Not really interested in bringing the Import guys together with anyone. I spent the majority of my time at the track racing Supra's. None of us wanted the import guys hanging around there either. They spend more money on their stereo systems than anything else. They can stay in the parking lots with their hats on back to front with their pants dragging on the ground. That would be just fine with me.

As long as you don't stick something from F*rd under the hood, it's good with me.
Welcome back to the SNS dark side. You will certainly be the only member or non member with a NOLEXVA? Theres some big H.P. in those south pacific motors. RICK
Good luck with the toyota (novota). It will be different, what year is the engine? Most produced around 250 hp I think?

Looks like this I believe?

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Never going to be anything Ford on the car...........with one possible exception. I am looking into using a manifold style liquid intercooler similar to a Ford Lightening. But that is as close as I will get........promise.

The engine is a 92. Essentially there are only two separate series of these engines Non-VVTi and VVTi. So the one I have is a Non-VVTi engine.

You are pretty much spot on with the 250hp. But is comes on instantly because of the full servo adjusted cams. With a M112 @ 6 psi I am hoping to be in the area of 325hp. From what I have been able to discover from the guys that are really pushing the limits of these @ 12psi I should be in the 450hp range.

Then the next step would be to pull the motor apart. Add an intercooler, some cylinder head work, aftermarket cams and an aftermarket ECU with a switch up to 18 - 20psi should put me in the 550hp range which is where I would like to end up.

All this in an engine that can rev to 9000rpm. Although most people set redline at 8000rpm. They make over 200 ft/lb torque @ 1000 rpm and 260 ft/lb by 4400 rpm.

They are just plain a neat motor. Add this to a package that weighs about 450 lbs. with all the accessories attached. These engines are really gaining popularity and businesses are being created just for them. Kind of reminds me when small blocks Chevy engines were being hopped up for the first time.


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TO SNS , :waving:


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Welcome to Steves. That sounds like quite an interesting project you are working on. Keep us up to date with pictures.
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