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1971 Nova questions

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Hi there,
I'm looking at a 1971 Nova, 355 saginaw 4 speed. Paint looks ok, not show quality painted about 4 years ago. Engine runs well, tranny needs a throwout bearing (no problem) new exhaust and extra parts with it too. Extra '72 subframe, disc brakes, PS steering box and PS pump/brackets also. The wiring according to him "has some issues" which i'm pretty sure i can sort out. (do industrial controls work as my profession). It's missing the headliner, sail panels, door panels, arm rests and dashpad. Non working speedo and interior lights..etc. The seats are at the shop being recovered and come with it too. Sooo... what can i expect to pay for the missing stuff above? I usually do first gen camaro's, some second gan camaro's, GTOs..etc have done about 10 in the last 15 years, so the labor i'll be doing. Looks like i can't insert a pic without a "Hosting" site, darn.
Thanks for your help and time, much appreciated.
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Here are a few pics of the Nova.

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