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1970 Nova 2 Door, 350 w/Powerglide
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My current 70 does not have this option, however, my old 70 did and I'd like to add at least the polished trim to the doors and quarter windows as I think they look great with the vinyl top. I've shopped a few websites and I've read some forums and it seems there are 2 re-pops generally available, one from OER and one from Dynacorn. Reviews that I have seen say they are not stainless (like the original ones I believe), they are polished aluminum and are thin and bend easily. I've been looking for NOS, but haven't found a set yet (can't wait for swap meets to start again). Going thru the posts here, I found another brand, Corvex, but have not seen that advertised on any site, yet.

Which re-pop did you all use, if you installed these, and what do you recommend?

Any help is appreciated!
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