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1970 Nova cowl and inner cowl

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Maybe my 1970 Nova is the only one to suffer this problem....:rolleyes: But has anyone gotten into replacing the inner cowl on one of these cars? Mine has rusted out in the depression where the windshield wiper motor arm runs. I patched it up with some roofing cement and fiberglass cloth, which lasted for a while. I see they list replacement panels for these areas, how well do they fit up. I also have some pin holing in the corners of the windshield area.

thank John
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You are not alone. If you do some searching you will find several threads on this issue.

FYI the whole inner cowl area is available aftermarket.
inner cowl

Your answere is yes. I replaced mine with a 1969 camaro one. The only thing you will have to do is plug two holes on the inside cowl. Camaro had astro vents that the holes were used for.I welded mine up. other than that they are the same. Hope this helps.


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Thanks fellow, nice pictures. John
Old post I know.... Question on some sites it appears the inner and outer cowl panel comes as one piece, on others it appears as 2 seperate pieces. Is there one type perferred over the other for ease on welding in??
This looks like a major job to me. Removal of the windshield, dash pad and all underdash elements along with the front seat, carpet and pad.....
Does the dash panel overlap the cowl panel or the other way around where they meet at the windshield sealing area. This is on a 1970 Nova.

Thanks John
Cowl Panel

Hey John, Mine was a one piece unit. It did take some time getting the old one out. Yes you will have to take out the windshield, Dash pad, and do some welding but when your done it will be all brand new.I had the holes tig welded by a pro and came out very nice.not cheap but nice.If you need any pics let me know.

Hi Steve
If you have any pictures as you were doing yours along, I'd like to see them. You can e-mail them to me at [email protected] . I wish they had a body assembly manual for these like what they have for my truck. In the truck it shows the cab panel individually and how each is attached and even number of spot welds used in each. Did you try and seam seal that seam at the bottom of the panels in front?
I need to get my garage cleaned out so I can bring my Nova in to work on it. I'll either be able to do the repairs or not. :rolleyes: I also need to replace quarter and inner rear wheel housings, not sure about rockers. I know there are small holes in the rear portion of each rocker.

thanks John
Dang, been that many years since I posted this. And I still haven't done this work yet. Car is probably worse off than ever. Probably find other surprises now..... I know I need a new headliner, outer, maybe inner rear wheel housings, maybe rockers, and still need to fix the cowl above and the windshield lip area..... John
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