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Below is an interesting email I received today. I did not research this so I can not verify it. If you are interested, email/call Russell Scott directly.


from: "Russell Scott" <[email protected]>
subject: 1970-72 Novas V-8 350, AT needed for major movie in Austin


Quentin Tarrantino has written a script Death Proof inspired by elements of Vanishing Point, White Lightning, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, etc. We will film out of the Robert Rodriquez Troublemaker Studios in Austin starting in August. Among our vehicle needs are 4 more additional 1970-70 2 door Nova with capacity to flat out run. Paint and interior don't matter. We need straight bodies and runners. We have allowed a healthy budget and have currently exhausted all leads. we are looking as close to Austin as possible. We need to buy. No rentals. My 24/7 cell 512-422-6753. Any leads and referrals appreciated. Please feel free to send this info around. Reasonable offered get priority. Unreasonable offers get attention also. Am willing to go 250 in any direction from Austin at the drop of a call. Must be automatic transmission also.


Russell Scott


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