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1969 OER Dash Pad

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I installed a new OER dash pad in my 69 today,I took the 4 old metal clips off my old pad & put them on the new pad then installed it,the new pad sticks up where the 4 clips are, should i remove them.Has anybody had this problem,All info appreciated.Thanks
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I tried using a repop pad it fit like crap as well, finally just gave up and spent the money on n.o.s. pricey but fit was excellent. Found it at a local swap meet.
The fit varies depending on the manufacturer. There are aftermarket dash pads that vinyl covered, correct grain, available in colors, & fit.
Dash fit

I thought OER were close to the original,looks good laying on the hood,but does not fit & look as the original, its been raining for a couple of days,so i haven,t had the time to take it out & remove the original clips yet.
dash pad

Had it in & out 4 times today,still fits like s--t, It does look better with the clips in,but you can tell where each one is,the metal strip on the pass side where screw goes in when door is open.the hole is on the outside of the molded hole[ does not look pretty] The dash is about 1/4 inch up from the matal dash on the pass side,there is a hump above where the spedo bezel is , so there is a slight gap between the dezel & the dash.I do not recomend the OER dash pad to anyone,I just sold a original 72 dash pad for $150. with 1 small 1/4 in rip on the pass side bottom & was still soft,boy i am kicking my self in the *** over that.$329. + tax for the OER pad [JUNK] up here in Canada
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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