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Rare car. 1968 was the first year Acadians were built outside Canada (Willow Run, Michigan). They were more like Chevy IIs
than ever before, even taking on the super sport designation after years of sport deluxe. It isn't mentioned, but I'm sure this car has
Vintage Services documentation. The 1968 Acadian option list was almost identical to Chevy II. While an L79 was available for
1968 Chevy IIs, there was no such option for the '68 Acadian. The 1968 Acadian SS had the same 350/295 HP V/8 found in the
Nova SS. There were never any factory big block options for Acadians. When the last Acadians were built in 1971, they were virtually
identical to the Nova except for name badging.

1968 Pontiac Acadian SS 350 4 speed | Classic Cars | Ottawa | Kijiji

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