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My 67 is in need of drip rails....they were rotten when I replaced the 1/4 panels and were cut out with the idea that I could find the parts at a later date. Not the case, I have been searching for new drip rails for well over a year, to no avail. Most of the parts houses say they are "arriving soon" or "temporarily out of stock". I called dyna corn and they "anticipate them any day" or "have trouble with the jigs".

I understand most, if not all of these parts are made overseas now. If there is not enough demand for the product then why make it, etc.

I am really trying to not shave the drip rail, but I am nearing the point of needing to do that in order to not stall out the progress on the car. I have even detailed out the drip rail with a micrometer and tried to have it fabricated locally but the bends are too tight.

I guess the point of this is:
a) rant
b) hail mary if someone has a set that they ended up not using
c) someone has a better scoop on the world than I do and knows where I can purchase them
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