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I have decided to start a new thread about my more door build progress. The car has changed so much since the initial build started many years ago ( 10 years…..), It still isn’t finished but I’m in it for the long haul.

First I will start with the Drive train:
This build on the engine can be found at
Chevy Inline Six Build Up-TURBO

Engine: 250 I6 Chevy o Ringed
Block Details:
Bore: .060 over
Bore: 3.935
Stroke: 3.530
Compression: 8.5:1
CID: 258
Camshaft: Crower
Cam # E-68061

Duration- Intake: 286 degrees Lift: .679 Clearance: .026
Exhaust: 280 degrees Lift: .655 Clearance: .028
Lobe Separation: 114 degrees
[email protected] .50 IN: 254 degrees Lobe Lift: IN: .388
EXH: 247 degrees EXH: .374
Water pump-FlowKooler Hi flow mechanical billet pump
Thermostat: EMP-300-160 degrees by STEWART
Housing: Joe gibbs racing

Head: 73cc Mrhotrod6 Intake lump Ported Roller Cam prepped Stage 4 Plus head.
ARP 7/16 screw in studs
Mrhotrod6 Custom Super Duty H Beam 7/16 Stud Girdle
Valves: Max upgrade just below Titanium, Pro Series Extreme Duty Race Intake Valves 1.940
-Special Alloy Inconel Exhaust valves 1.600 Plus .100
Rockers: Crower Enduro Roller 1.75 ratio -7/16”
Springs: Roller Cam Valve springs Chrome Silicone Vanadium
Retainers: Titanium- with the head
Lifters: Comp Cams roller lifters
PushRods: comp cams with pushrod guide plates
Lifter covers: Sissels billett aluminum covers
Head Gasket: SCE Pro Copper gasket with o rings
Connecting Rods: SCAT- SCA-66000206a 4340 h beam 12 point cap 6.000” in length
Pistons: Diamond Pistons Special coatings on both the crown and skirt.
Bore: 3.9350
Compression height: 1.365
Effective volume: -5.1cc
Valve depth intake: .177 exhaust .169
double spirolox
piston weight: 543 grams
Crankshaft: Stock internally balanced polished and magged
Oil Pump: M-62HV High Volume melling
Oil Pan: Mr charlies performance custom Aluminum pan with turbo drain
Oil pain studs: Stainless Steel ARP
Head Studs: ARP Studs
Main Cap kit: ARP Main caps and studs Kit
Intake: Clifford Aluminum 4 barrel- Custom matched with gasket and clearacned to the head
Carburetor: C&S Custom Billet aerosol blow thru carb
Turbo Manifold: SPA turbo manifold
Turbo: TTurbo: Precision Turbo T4 6466 SP CEA-2-BB1w/TH8166a .81AR
Compressor Wheel: 2.535” inducer/3.410” exducer
Turbine wheel: 2.920” inducer/ 2.600 exducer

Intercooler: Precision turbo PTE 1000 water to air intercooler
Wastegate: Precision Turbo 46mm waste gate 15 psi regulated
BOV: Boosted solutions 60mm GAPP BOV

Distributor: MSD 8515 magnetic
Ignition: MSD 6ALBTM
Valve Cover: Sissell sheet metal- aluminum
Gaskets: Fel Pro
Bearings: sealed power
Timing cover: MR hotrod Aluminum 3 piece
Timing Gear: Adjustable machined timing gear
Fuel Pump: Aeromotive A2000
Fuel Regulator: Aeromotive 13301 boost reference regulator
Fuel block off plate: Aluminum
Oil system adapters: Hamburger- block adapter with remote filter mount
Damper: Inovators West internally balanced
Flywheel: Reactor Wheel - Neutral Balance 168 Tooth ARP Flywheel bolts
Starter: MSD APS starter
Hoses: All Icor lightweight nascar type or ICOR gold
Pulley system: custom Gilbert type belts
Vacuum pump: Aerospace components
Pump Valve: aerospace components with catch tank


J.W. Powerglide transmission
- jw bell
- transbrake
- gear vendors overdrive
- Aluminum pan
- TCI overflow can
- TCI outlaw two button automatic shifter
- J.W. 9" convertor


Smith Race Craft front clip with varishock double adjustable struts coil overs.
Unisteer rack and pinion with bump steer AJE tie rod ends
Strange springs
Chome-moly tubular lower A arms
CA chasis works hood/ fender kit
Auto rad radiator support with radiator and fluidyne fans
Stock 82 camaro spindles machined to fit smaller mis alignment bump steer rod ends
Spicer lower ball joints
Wilwood billet hubs and dynalite disk brakes
wilwood master cylinder with bias adjustment and remote adjustment knob
hurst roll control
wilwood 12.5" rotors Front/rear
Moser 9" M9 rear housing with 31 spline axles
9" nodular rear end with 4:11 gears and posi trac
Wilwood emergency brake kit
wilwood e brake cable
TCI torque arm rear suspension AFCO double adjustable coil overs with remote
stainless steel show polish upgrade
panhard bar
sway bar


-rear stock gas tank has been removed and a aluminum one has been added in its place- the trunk pan required mods for this.-not finished
-batteries are in trunk now-not finished
-all holes for side trim are too be welded up


-King ranch leather interior bucket seats
-custom made billet dash- racepak and carbon fiber gauges
-DSE wiper upgrade kit
-billet aluminum steering wheel
-stainless steel flaming river steering column with billet aluminum floor peace
-need to install fire extinguisher system
-5 point harness for both driver and passenger
-Lokar works door handles
- Restomod Air AC system with billet ac vents
-Carbon fiber console
-Carbon fiber seat backs
- Polk momo 51/4" comp front/momo 6x9 rear
- JL w7 8" sub
- alpine head unit
- Alpine amp 5 channel
- Lokar e brake/gas pedal/brake/ all assoc cables
- Ron francis wiring system
- MSD window switch
- MSD 3 step
- Dakota digital fan relay controller
- custom GT60 switches
- Custom ron francis harness for switches


-TBD going with 315's in the rear
-DSE mini tubs
-Fesler door handles
-ring brothers billet hood hinge
-ring brothers hood pins
-2" cowl hood (steel) going to paint a steel hood
-Carbon fiber trunk lid from anvil
-EMS billet trunk hinges
-Marqez design tail lights
-new bumpers front rear along with new grills and light bezels
-Led front head light in front

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I sent my inline six block to Smith racecraft to have them do a mock up and set the motor mount and motor plate in the correct position. All the parts I have purchased from them so far have been nothing but good.
- Specs and in pics below pictures is the smithcraft frame
- 4130 lower control arms
- Varishock double adjustable struts
- Strange springs
- Unisteer rack and pinion
- AJE bump steer tie rod ends
- Spicer lower ball joints
- 82 camaro spindles cut and drilled
- Wilwood 82 camaro billet hub kit
- Wilwood Dynalite calipers 12.5” rotors

Tying the Front of this Clip together is a radiator support made by AUTO RAD

There are a few remaining items to button up on this including the steering joint connections and plumbing for the brakes.

TCI Torque Arm Suspension
- TCI show polish upgrade
- Sway bar upgrade
- Pan hard bar
- TCI transmission mount
Moser M9 housing
- Strengthened back braces
- 31 spline axles
- Ford nodular housing with 4:11 gears
- Wilwood Dyna lite calipers
- Wilwood E brake kit
- Wilwood Ebrake cable
- Custom modified and welded mounts for TCI torque arm set up.
You will note in the pictures below some of the brackets had to be modified to fit the Moser rear end set up. Originally this was set up for a leaf spring set up, I then changed my mind and went this direction and has to grind all the old stuff off.
The TCI Kit was basically straight forward itself, almost all the parts showed up with the kit. I am still missing the sway bar end weld connectors the weld onto my rear end. I should hopefully get these soon.
I also installed a DSE mini tub kit which means I had to modify the ends of the upper shock mounts and bolting system on the TCI kit.


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DETROIT Speed mini tub kit

This project I still have not finished, I have only done one side and still need to complete the other. The only advice I can give with this kit is measure 9 times cut ones. For the most part the templates that are provided with the kit work nicely. I will say the cut outs can be tricky..
Also you will not in some of my pictures if have installed a plasma cut piece of ½” plate into the frame rail to add strength.
Also at this time I got side tracked and installed a set of EMS rear trunk hinges

ANVIL Auto Carbon fiber trunk lid.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the Anvil auto trunk lid. For the price the Fit is a little less than to be desired but I will deal with it. I also have a steel trunk if I choose not to use this one.

Also going on the trunk is a rear spoiler by finch performance parts. The one pictured below is slightly taller than mine . I will post a picture once it is installed.

Also on the Front Bumper I have installed a spoiler by Spoilers by Randy, This is his pro Touring version


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This build is SICK! I'm glad your showing the steps. I'm in the process of mini tubbing and gonna install EMS trunk hinges along with TCI torque arm.

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All I can say is WOW. :yes:

This build is SICK! I'm glad your showing the steps. I'm in the process of mini tubbing and gonna install EMS trunk hinges along with TCI torque arm.
Thanks!! I will try to post some more pictures of the mods I had to make to the Torque arm shock frame to get it to work with the DSE mini tubs.

Oh FYI the shocks on the EMS kit are way to strong for a carbon trunk if your are going that route. If not they should work fine with steel.

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Awesome build, I love everything except the spoiler(sorry just mo). I'm curious, why the inline 6 when there is much cheaper power to be had such as the LS platform?

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VERY nice, great looking build!!

That spoiler looks great, I bet your the first 4 door with it. Is it on his site for sale now?
Thanks!! I did not see it on his site yet but i did contact him through pro and he got back to me.

Awesome build, I love everything except the spoiler(sorry just mo). I'm curious, why the inline 6 when there is much cheaper power to be had such as the LS platform?
Thanks, Yeah to each his own right...Well just to be different, every show i go to i see tons of LS platform motors. There is nothing wrong with a LS it makes good cheap power.

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Ac condenser

I did the test fit of the AC condenser and oil cooler last night.

The condenser fits in it location perfectly, i need to weld some aluminum tabs on to hold it in place.

The oil cooler which is not shown will be going behind the license plate area on the front bumper. I may cut a hole in the bumper itself and use some perforated metal to fill it in. I need to see how it looks first.

The front grill and apron will have to be notched in on the bottom to allow for fitment.


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Worked on a couple of projects this weekend my biggest was cleaning the mess that i call a garage.

- The nova is back on all fours to allow ease of cleaning.
- Holes have been punched in the front bumper to allow for cooling holes for the SETRAB oil cooler.
- I will follow up more on details of the mounting of this, I also have additional SETRAB coolers going in for the Aux transmission coolers.


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Very cool build ! I have an LS but always love to see something different �� Your throwing a lot of nice parts at it, it's gonna be very nice and different when your done and that's what hot roddins all about .
Thanks, Yeah that is kind of my mindset as well...any parts I like I give them a try..
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