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1967 Nova Assembly Manual Index


A1 Introduction

A2 General Index

A3 General Information
-Symbol Legend

A4 General Information

A5 General Instructions
-Fastener Descriptions

A6 General Instructions
-Clip Descriptions
-Hose Installation

A7 Stapling Instructions

B1 Labels and Stickers
-Tire Pressure Sticker
-Price Label

B2 Vehicle Identification Plate
-VIN Tag and Rivets

B3 Vehicle Protect-O-Plate
-Stamp instructions
-Option Codes

C1 Misc. Shipping List
-Shipping directions for loose items

C2 Misc. Shipping List
-Shipping directions for loose items

C3 Shipping Protection
-Front Seat Protection
-Rust Proofing
-Floor Mat Cover

D1 Lubrication
-Zinc Oxide Grease Locations

D2 Lubrication
- Zinc Oxide Grease Locations (cont)
- Chassis

D3 Lubrication
-Automatic Transmission
-Syncromesh Transmission
-Graphite Grease
-Brake Fluid
-Clutch Push Rod

D4 Lubrication
-Direction Signal
-Battery Terminal
-Rear Axle
-Tire to Rim
-Steering Gear Jacket Seal
-A/C Compressor Fitting
-Engine Compartment
-Automatic Transmission
-Prop Shaft Yoke

D5 Cements & Sealers
-Cowl Ledge Seal
-Windshield Washer Harness
-Windshield Wiper Trans
-Upper Fender Skirt
-Headlamp Filler Panel
-Radiator Support
-Caution Sticker
-Blower Assembly Seal

D6 Cements & Sealers
-Clutch Pedal Push Rod Dash Seal
-Price Label
-Front Suspension Reinforcement Seal
-Gas Tank
-Hood Assembly Insulator
-Steering Column Dash Collar

D7 Refrigerants, Cooling System, Gasoline & Solvents
-Underbody Protective Coating
-Radiator Sealing Compound
-A/C Refrigerant
-Gas Tank Filler Neck
-Windshield Washer Fluid
-Liquid Wax

E1 Paint & Trim (Open)

F1 Publications (Open)

G1 Export Info (Open)

A. Dash Panel Area
A1 Body Contents
A2 Windshield Wiper Motor
A3 Windshield Wiper Rod Assembly, Blade & Linkage
A4 Windshield Washer Jar
A5 Windshield Washer Motor Wire, Nozzles & Hoses
A6 Windshield Washer Motor Wire
A7 Windshield Wiper Pattern
A8 Dash Mats & Windshield Wiper Motor Cover
A9 Defroster Outlet Assembly
A10 Heater Blower & Distributor Assembly
A11 Car Heater Installation
A12 Heater Hose
A13 Heater Control Assembly

B. Instrument Panel Area
B1 Heater Control
B2 Heater Control
B3 Instrument Panel Compartment
B4 Instrument Panel Compartment Door
Windshield Washer Motor Switch
B5 Ash Tray
Inside Rear View Mirror
Radio Control Hole Covers
B6 Ash Tray
Windshield Wiper Switch
Radio Control Hole Covers
B7 Instrument Panel Compartment & Door

C. Body Complete
C1 Body Sill Moldings
C2 Under Coating
C3 Outside Rear View Mirror
C4 Paint Stripe
C5 Front Carpets

D. Mounting
(This Section omitted)

(This Section omitted)

A1 Front Suspension Contents
A2 Upper and Lower Control Arms
A3 Strut Rod and Lower Control Arm Stud
A4 Upper Control Arm Stud
Steering Knuckle
Front Wheel Hub
A5 Spring and Shock Absorber
A6 Stabilizer Bumper & Front Cross Member
A7 Front Spring Chart
A8 Front Trim Heights
A9 Front Trim Heights (cont)
A10 Front Suspension Geometry

A. Drive Line
A1 Contents
A2 Axle, Prop Shaft & Wheel Nut

B. Suspension
B1 Spring-Front Eye & Spring to Axle
B2 Spring-Rear Axle
B3 Shock Absorber & Bumper
B4 Rear Trim Heights
B5 Rear Trim Heights (cont)

A. Cylinder Mounting & Lever
A1 Brakes Contents
A2 Brake Cylinder, Bracket & Pressure Switch
A3 Brake Pedal

B. Pipes
B1 Front & Rear Brake Pipes L.D.
B2 Front & Rear Brake Pipes R.D.
B3 Rear Brake Pipes

C. Parking
C1 Parking Brake Lever & Front Cable L.D.
C2 Parking Brake Equalizer & RR Cable
C3 Parking Brake Lever & Front Cable R.D.

A. Belt Trains
A1 Engine Contents
A2 Engine Contents
A3 Generator Mounting, Fan, Belt & Pulleys
A4 Generator Mounting, Fan, Belt & Pulleys
A5 Belt Routing
A6 Belt Routing

B. Cooling Electrical & Mounting
B1 Radiator Hoses
B2 Oil Filler, Gage & Filter
B3 Starting Motor Mounting
B4 Spark Plug Wiring and Coil
B5 Spark Plug Wiring, Shields and Coil
B6 Voltage Regulator & Ignition Switch
B7 Engine Front Mounting
B8 Engine Front Mounting & Painting
B9 Engine Front Mounting & Painting
B10 Engine Rear Mounting

C. Carburetion & Exhaust
C1 Air Cleaner, Sticker, Carburetor & Engine Ventilation System
C2 Gasoline, Spark Control Pipe & Fuel Pump
C3 Air Cleaner, Sticker, Carburetor & Choke
C4 Engine Ventilating System
C5 Gasoline, Spark Control Pipe & Fuel Pump

D. Controls
D1 Accelerator Controls & Manual Choke Control
D2 Accelerator Controls
D3 Accelerator Controls
D4 Accelerator Controls
D5 Accelerator Controls
D6 Accelerator Controls Adjustments
D7 Accelerator Controls Adjustments

A. Column Mounting Controls
A1 Transmission Contents
A2 Transmission Control Lever & Positioning
A3 Transmission Control Linkage L.D.
A4 Transmission Control Linkage R.D.
A5 Transmission Control Linkage R.D.
A6 Transmission Linkage Adjustment L.D.
A7 Transmission Linkage Adjustment R.D.
B. Clutch
C1 Clutch Release Bearing
C2 Clutch Pedal and Rod L.D.
C3 Clutch Shaft and Push Rod L.D.
C4 Clutch Shaft and Push Rod R.D.
C5 Clutch Pedal and Rod R.D.
C6 Clutch Linkage Adjustment

A. Exhaust System
A1 Fuel & Exhaust Contents
A2 Exhaust System Manifold & Underbody Attachment
A3 Exhaust System Manifold & Underbody Attachment
A4 Exhaust V8 Eng. Manifold & Crossover Pipe Attachment
B. Fuel System
B1 Gas Tank
B2 Fuel Line
B3 Fuel Line
B4 Filler Neck & Vent Pipe Assemblies
B5 Gas Meter Assemblies

A1 Steering Contents
A2 Steering Column Dash Seal
A3 Steering Wheel
A4 Steering Gear Column & Cover
A5 Relay & Tie Rod
A6 Mandatory Installation Sequence

A1 Wheels and Tires Contents
A2 Spare Tire and Jack Stowage
A3 Spare Tire and Jack Stowage (Wagon)

A. Inner Panels
A1 Contents
A2 Front End Sheet Metal Squaring Dimensions
A3 Seals
A4 Protective Coating
A5 Skirt to Dash
A6 Headlamp Filler to Radiator Support
A7 Fender to Fender Skirt & Radiator Support
A8 Radiator and Fan Shroud (L4, L6)
A9 Radiator and Fan Shroud (V8)

B. Outer Panels
B1 Fender to Cowl & Rocker Panel
B2 Fender Molding and Emblem
B3 Fender Molding and Piercing
B4 Filler Panel
B5 Grill Reinforcements and Supports
B6 Grille and Name Plate
B7 Hood Catch, Lock Plate & Bumper
B8 Hood Hinge & Cowl Seal
B9 Hood Insulator and Molding
B10 Sheet Metal Checking

A. Engine
A1 Contents
A2 Battery Tray
A3 Battery & Cables
A4 Generator and FWD Lamp Harness, Horn Relay
A5 Headlamp & Parking Lamps
A6 Headlamp Aiming
A7 Horns
A8 Engine Wiring Harness (L4 & L6)
A9 Engine Wiring Harness (L6 R.D.)
A10 Starter Motor Wiring Harness

B. Instrument Panel
B1 Fuse Panel Assembly
B2 Instrument Panel Wiring Harness (L.D.)
B3 Instrument Panel Wiring Harness (L.D.)
B4 Instrument Cluster (L.D.)
B5 Instrument Cluster Wiring (L.D.)
B6 Instrument Panel Wiring Harness (R.D.)
B7 Instrument Cluster (R.D.)
B8 Dimmer Switch
B9 Light Switch & Cigarette Lighter
B10 Parking Brake Alarm Switch (L.D.)
B11 Parking Brake Alarm Switch (R.D.)
B12 Stop Lamp Switch
B13 Instrument Panel Compartment Light

C. Body
C1 Directional Signal & Horn Button
C2 Speedometer Cable
C3 Speedometer Cable (V8)
C4 Back-Up Lamp Front Wiring
C5 Rear End Lightning
C6 Gas Tank Meter Wiring

D. Diagrams
D1 Wiring Diagram Front Lighting & Engine
D2 Wiring Diagram Fuse Panel
D3 Wiring Diagram Instrument Panel
D4 Wiring Diagram Body & Tail Lamps

A. Front Bumpers
A1 Bumpers & Miscellaneous Contents
A2 Front Bumper
B. Rear Bumpers
B1 Rear Bumper
B2 Rear Bumper Seal

OPTION 0 (Index)

A33 Power Tailgate Window
A91 Trunk Lid Release Equipment Cylinder Assembly & Hose Routing
B93 Door Edge Guard
C48 Less Heater Equipment
C50 Rear Window Defogging
C60 Air Conditioning
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
A3 Heater & Blower, distributor, Seal & Vent Tube
A4 Parking Brake Lever
B1 Condenser Mounting
B2 Receiver & Dehydrator Mounting
C1 Compressor, Fan, Belts & Pulleys
C2 Compressor Mounting (L6)
C3 Compressor Mounting (V8)
C4 Carb Air Bleed Valve (L6)
C5 Fan Drive Equipment (V8)
D1 Evaporator Mounting
D2 Hose Routing & Grommet
D3 Fitting & Muffler Assembly
D4 Heater Hoses
E1 Compressor Wiring
E2 Battery Cables
E3 Battery Cables
E4 Controls and Wiring
E5 Controls and Wiring
E6 Wiring Diagram
E7 Procedures and Test Specs
E8 Procedures and Test Specs
D33 Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror

G80 Rear Axle Positraction
J50 Vacuum Power Brakes
A1 Contents
A2 Power Brake Cylinder, Brace & Pipe
A3 Hose, Tees & Connector (L6)
A4 Hose, Tees & Connector (V8)
J52 Disc Brakes
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
K19 Air Injection Reactor Equipment
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
A3 Carb and Vacuum Lines
A4 Braces & Brackets
A5 Pump & Brackets
A6 Connector & Vacuum Fittings
A7 Exhaust Gas Combustion Air Pipes
A8 Valve, Air Cleaner & Hoses (L6)
A9 Valve, Air Cleaner & Hoses (V8 283)
A10 Valve, Air Cleaner & Hoses (V8 RPO L30)
A11 Fan Belts & Pulleys (L6)
A12 Fan Belts & Pulleys (V8)
K24 Closed Engine Positive Ventilation
A1 Contents
A2 Closed Engine Positive Ventilation (283 & RPO L30)
L22 L-6 Engine 250 CU.IN.

L30 V8 Engine 327 Carb & Pipe Assembly
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
A3 Engine Ventalating System
A4 Fuel Line
A5 Hole Dimensioning
A6 327 Emblem
A7 Battery & Battery Retainer
L79 V8 Engine 327 High Performance
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
A3 Generator Brace
A4 Carburetor & Gas Pipe
A5 Air Cleaner Positive Vent
M20 4 Speed Transmission
A1 Contents
A2 Control Rods (Sheet Canceled)

M35 Auto Transmission
A1 Contents
A2 Non-Illustrated Parts
A3 Column Assembly, Lever & Dial Indicator
A4 Auto Trans to Engine
A5 Installation Procedure
A6 Control Linkage (L.D.)
A7 Control Linkage Adjustment
A8 Control Linkage (R.D.)
A9 Control Linkage (R.D.)
A10 Control Linkage
A11 Control Linkage Adjustment
A12 Neutral Safety & Back-Up Lamp Switch
A13 Neutral Safety & Back-Up Lamp Switch
A14 Throttle Control & Modulator Pipe
A15 Modulator Pipe (V8)
A16 Throttle Control (V8)
A17 Trans to Carb Linkage (L4 & L6)
A18 Check Valve (Sheet Canceled)
A19 Trans to Carb Linkage (V8)
A20 Seat Separator Housing & Trim Plate
A21 Neutral Safety & Back-Up Lamp Switch
A22 Oil Cooler Pipes (L6)
A23 Oil Cooler Pipes (V8)
A24 Brake Pedal
A25 Throttle Valve Control Splash Shield

N10 Dual Exhaust System
A1 Contents
A2 Manifold & Body Attachments
A3 Manifold & Body Attachments
A4 Tail Pipe & Body Attachment
N34 Simulated Wood Steering Wheel
N40 Hydraulic Steering
A1 Contents
A2 Relay & Tie Rod ASM
A3 Cylinder & Valve ASM
A4 Valve & Adapter ASM
A5 Pump ASM
A6 Hose Mounting, Pulleys, & Belts
A9 A.I.R. Pump Belt & Hoses
N65 Space Saver Spare Tire & Wheel Equipment
A1 Contents
A2 Bracket & Inflator
N96 Wheel Trim Cover Equipment
P02 Wheel Trim Cover Equipment
P19 Spare Wheel & Tire Lock (Canceled)
T60 Heavy Duty Battery

U15 Speed Warning Device
U25 Luggage Compartment Lamp
U26 Underhood Lamp
U28 Ash Tray lamp
U35 Clock Instrument Cluster
U63 Push Button Radio
A1 Contents
A2 Receiver and Speaker
A3 Receiver and Speaker (Antenna Trimmer Procedure)
A4 Capacitors
A5 Ground Straps
B1 Front Antenna
U73 Manual Antenna Rear
U80 Auxiliary Speaker
A1 Contents
A2 Speaker Wiring and Controls
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator
V31 Front Bumper Guard
V32 Rear Bumper Guard
V55 Roof Luggage Carrier
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