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I posted a couple of these pictures in a thread in the Canadian Forum, but thought it might be of interest here as well. It's an L79 1966 Acadian Sport Deluxe. It was built July 5, 1966, the last day of Acadian production for the year. I believe this was the last L79 Acadian ever built. GM Canada docs showing Tropic Turquoise with a black interior. Not a lot of options, 4 speed, posi, F40 suspension and a radio. Sold new at McRae Brothers Ltd., Prince Rupert B.C., which is up on the north coast.
The drag race pictures were taken in Kitimat, B.C. Notice the resonators visible behind the back wheels. We are looking for this car. At the present time, it's whereabouts are unknown. Last registered in B.C. in Richmond (suburb of Vancouver) in 1989. We know it spent time in Penticton, B.C. after Prince Rupert. Any info appreciated.



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