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I'm starting this post to try and get some insight on moving forward with my project and show progress on the build. But before I get to that, just want to say thanks for everyone on this site putting out good info that I've been utilizing so far.

I picked up this car last winter. A few owners ago, it was set up for the strip...the gas tank and battery are in the trunk, it has mini tubs, rails, ford 9" rear, and a cage. The guy I bought it from put a sbc in it with a 700R4 and some wheels for the street. He gave it to me with a rebuilt 350, 4 bolt main on the stand which I just finished putting in and am halfway done with the break in procedure (the headers burned the oil press line after 10 minutes run time).

My goal is to make this street worthy and safe. The problem I've run into is that in order to put the 350 in, I had to remover the subframe crossmember and I can't mount the lower crossmember due to the lower mounted alternator. I've looked into getting temporary spacers for either the alt or crossmember, but nothing will work within reason (and for some reason I am having a hard time seeing where else the alt could be mounted without other engine component interference. For this reason, in addition to wanting to get disc brakes up front and a 2 inch drop, I need to get a front clip. After shopping for clips, I came across the CPP subframe kit, listed on summit for less than $1800 (only thing that appears to be missing are the inner fenders). For $1800, why wouldn't I buy this front end? I know CBR and TCI offer fantastic products and customer service (according to reviews), but if I'm just looking for something to cruise in on the weekends it just seems like a good deal to go with CPP. I've seen the threads on CPP front ends here and it looks like it works out well.

It needs paint, but is relatively rust free aside from a little under the rear window and on the a-pillars (paint has begun to bubble in 2 quarter sized spots). After I get the front clip in and motor re-installed, is the next logical step to get it painted? Is there anything else I should do prior to paint.

(photos coming)
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