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Hey everyone! Hopefully this is in the right section—forgive me if it’s not. I have a ‘64 Nova wagon that has gotten a new CPP Mustang II front clip and is also getting an “LS” swap (LM7 5.3L to be specific). I picked up a Borg Warner Super T-10 four speed for it. The car was originally a straight 6/Glide car with column shift. My question lies in the tranny tunnel. Do I cut the hole and add an aftermarket manual trans shifter hump and that’s it? Or is there more clearancing needed than that for the Super T-10?

For the clutch, I’m gonna bite the bullet and buy the McLeod hydraulic setup for my car along with the external slave cylinder conversion for the Super T-10.

I’ve attached a few pics of my car for those curious as well as a screenshot of the manual conversion hump I found online.



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