Posted before here as a 'What's it Worth', this car is for sale. Original owner was a housepainter, so there are layers of paint on the tailgate and tailgate area. Will need total floor replacement, but the supporting brackets are all good. Other significant rust in the lower left rocker and some minor rust in the roof, but no rust in the drip rail gutter. Rockers are solid as is the cowl, pillars, cargo area floor and tailgate. There is some rust in the rubber weatherstrip area for the tailgate opening, and the U-channel holding the rubber is really gone, but the tailgate opening is better than most. Cracks on the upper portion of the tailgate where they always crack at the corners where the window opening is. Factory V-8, rare 100 series, originally Silver Blue interior with fawn interior and padded dash. Originally purchased at Clippinger Chevrolet, West Covina, CA. Engine and trans are original to the car, and it's only really missing the air cleaner and the hubcaps. There is a companion ad on Los Angeles Craigslist, and I'll give it a couple weeks to see if there is any interest in the car. Price, as everything, is negotiable. Please contact if you want any more pictures.