I have a very nice heater box from a 1964 2-door sedan. The box is in terrific shape. I have replaced all the internal gaskets with the exception of the defrost diverter. Partly because they are so hard to get to and partly because this box is so nice I don't think they need to be replaced. I will send the remainder of the gasket set along with the box so you have the parts you'll need if you want to change them out. No heater core and no motor with the box. The defrost diverter does have a chipped piece in the floor vent. See the pics below. What you see is what you get. $250 gets it shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. Shoot me a message with any questions. I like PayPal and Venmo. Somebody take it off my hands so I don't have to put on the auction site.

Thanks in advance!

Andy from STL

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