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Hey guys! I'm new here and my dad and I are in the middle of doing some changes to the car we've had for ~15 years or so now.

Little backstory on the car: When I was probably 10 years old, we were moving around AZ and we looked at a little brick house. My parents agreed to buy the house, but my dad wanted the car in the garage. It's a 63 Nova SS that was mostly original, except for the 350 that was swapped in by the owners son who was a "GM Master Tech" (he definitely wasn't). It had some rust in most of the quarter panels but a solid chassis overall. We fixed most of the rust and had to replace the engine after it spun a bearing after about 2 yr. A few years later we ditched the powerglide for a TH350. It was mostly cruised to shows and around the neighborhood but my dad didn't drive it much. After a few more years my dad got the itch to start doing some more work to it. Quick backstory on me: Grew up around cars and spent the last 12 years myself as a technician, however recently I've gone more into computers and networking type stuff.

I suggested we get one of the front end swaps and we met the guys from TCI at a show one day and picked up one of their front kits at a decent price. We're about 1/4 of the way into that, but we're running into some stuff that I'm less experienced with. I've diagnosed and serviced/replaced just about anything but I'm currently dealing with the brakes.

Onto my question: We need a master cylinder/proportioning valve. We have the front disc (regular GM kit with wilwood calipers) and currently still the 4 lug rear. TCI has suggested we get a 65-67 rear for the 5 lug as I doubt we're dropping another 3-4k on a entire rear setup/bolt on kit from TCI.

Is there a factory year master cylinder that I can slap on as opposed to the willwood master? I don't see the point in spending the extra money for the willwood and it'll be nicer to have better parts availability at the local parts store rather than order a replacement if it fails. If not, do I go with the 3/4 or 1in bore from willwood?

Proportioning valve... I remember learning about them in school way back, but what would I need if I do go with a 65-67 year and the fronts i have from TCI?

I'm sure I'll be back with other questions, but I have most of the front end kit on, but I'd rather drop the engine back in after the new brake lines are ran.

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