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1963 Nova Dash knob removal

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Hi all,

I am taking the dash control knobs for the heater, light switch etc off to paint the interior. The windshield washer has a keeper screw on it's knob and it came off but the others have no keeper. Are they threaded on? I gave 'em a light twist but was afraid I would damage the shaft.....
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I learned my trick from a guy whos pulled apart hundreds of early Novas (blue66deucex2).

Wrap a rag around the knob, then the clamp a pair of vice grips on them and yank hard. Ive never damaged any and ive pulled apart probably 20 early nova dash boards.

Alternatively spray the back of the knob as best as you can with WD-40. grab a screw driver and push up the clip in the back and yank on it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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