Well, it's time to sell the project I never got to. I'm listing it here before listing it more broadly in Sacramento and the Bay Area in the next couple days. Don't let the pretty picture fool you too much, there's work under that paint. It needs floors and a quarter panel (and top and interior and paint that isn't that terrible sky blue color) but the doors open and shut nice and easy and it doesn't sag. Currently has an original Nova 283 and powerglide from a '65 hardtop, so if you want something that looks like a unicorn "dealer installed 283" this is it. It has the front sump oil pan, motor mounts and cross member that were required before everything was repopped. This is a rare chance to get a car that isn't someone else's project where you have to undo half of what was started. It's a clean slate and a nice, rebuildable car. I don't really know how much to list it for, so I picked a "try to find one cheaper" number. It's going to finance my daughter's start out on her own, so I'm looking to squeeze every nickle I can. For her. I will consider a trade for a plug-in hybrid that has a 40ish mile all-electric range. Think Prius Prime. Again, for my daughter.

Almost forgot, you can email me at [email protected] (email looks strange because it's a temporary one through iCloud. New thing Apple is doing)
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