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1963 Instrument Cluster Speedo cable is stuck

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Hi all,
This is my first post here, hope I got the right forum.... I am removing the instrument cluster in my 1963 chevy II and I am not able to get the cable to come out of the back of the speedometer. The finger nut unscrewed ok and I can see the brass end of the cable going in the the back of the speedo... it won't budge

anybody got a suggestion?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Rick Tripp
Lebanon, Oregon
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Ya it must be rusted ... I clamped onto it with needle nose vicegrips and still no wiggle..

The car is a 1963 Green Hardtop, well taken care of .. bought it in August with the original 6 cylinder and replaced it with a 327, one of the previous owners had custom upholstery but must have been a long time ago. Has sun damage on the fabric. Needs paint etc etc .... the big plus on this car is that there is almost no rust except the back lower panels behind the tires.

So i guess I will wiggle till it comes free.... Thanks for the reply's

Got it! .... after you guys told me that it "should come right out and that there was no lock or keeper on it ... I applied a bit more force to the problem and wiggled it out with the needle nose....

So I can move forward and dismantel the rest of the Dashboard.

I have some "before" pictures here..... The interior and Carpets are stacked in
my office at home now for safe keeping.... New paint and buckets and black interior are in the works ..... I will post some after pics later...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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