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Can someone help me with the location on the 2 small wires that attach to the GM starter silinoid? I have a black with a shielding and a purple wire.The harness is the orginal for a auto ,if that matters.
I guess I have a 50/50 chance at getting it right or wrong, but I figured someone here would know off the top the their head and may save me time.
I appreciate it .

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Also, the HEI is going to want a full 12v, and the wire that fed the points is really a resistor wire (instead of the ballast in my diagram) that drops the voltage down to about 10v so the points lasted longer. You should replace the wire with a normal one so your HEI gets its full share.

The original wire goes from the harness plug on the firewall over to the distributor, and it has a woven cloth insulation on it, either black or very dark brown. If you're careful, you can depress the locking tab and back the brass lug out of the plug, and open it up so you can attach the new wire, and then snap it back into the plug. (Also note that the plug will probably have special grease all over the lugs, don't wipe that's there to protect against corrosion!)
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