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1962 nova wagon 3rd row seating

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If anybody is interested in a wagon, theres one on E-bay Motors, 1962 Chevy Nova wagon with 3rd row seating. Long Island New York, Idem # 160855272264
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Is that the one with the long winded story?

No idea what the story has to add to the sale.

Kind of seems like he's setting up why he's about to claim it's worth a lot of money.
Its a nice car, and probably pretty rare to see one in this condition in NY (no offense intended to the east coast folks). But I bet this guy wants a mint for it. The story makes it sound like its a long lost Yenko or something.

Nice car though, I would be thrilled to own it.
always wanted one

Not sure if its cause I have 4 kids or they are just cool, but those 3rd seats have always had my eye. And that one is definitely nice. Doesnt even have spare tire well rot to bad
Was high bidder, but didn't meet reserve:eek:
Ebay is a joke anymore. Every car i follow seems to have outrageous reserves. I'm betting his reserve was $8k-$9k.

Too many dreamers on the puter with these prices.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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