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Hi Guy's
I am rebuilding the 12 bolt for my 70 350 4spd car and I fond that the original carrier had spun a bearing the few people I talked to said buy a new one or try to find a good used one. I am looking at getting a new one I am leaning this way because I do not want any headaches the QUESTION is what type of carrier to buy or should I say brand.this car is not a hi-performance car I'm more of an original type guy I did add a cam and more compression but from the outer appearance it is stock and all numbers matching so what I would like is quiet strong and something that will not only last but work with the original axels. I was looking at the Eaton any thoughts. thanks Mike

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What bearing spun? Carrier bearing on the case?

I would replace with anouther eaton.

They are good units. Always have been!

Think: How old is the unit you have? How long has it lasted?

I just rebuilt my original unit.
I replaced everything ! "EVERYTHING"


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12 bolt unit selection

Choices of posi units:
1.) Another stock posi unit rebuilt
2.) A new aftermarket EAton unit (better than stock casting and parts)
3.) New Auburn posi unit (cone type)
4.) New True trac posi unit (newest technology in posi unit today)

There are others BUT I do not think they will suite your original wants for the car.

We sell all these and more and if you need any help weeding through the details of the units we can do that with you.

SOunds like a rebuilt unit would be fine for your needs.

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you say you're an original type car guy,
you wont go wrong with an Eaton posi,
i've got one in my 10bolt, no rear end noise at all,
just had another Eaton posi unit arrive yesterday for another rear end i'm building.

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the TruTrac is not new tech.. Developed in the early 1970's it real name is a Gleasman style......

a little history on the Torsen Gleason differential


* Vern Gleasman patents fore runner of Torsen Type 1


* Gleason Corporation buys patent rights from Gleasman


* Torsen is adopted in the AM General HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purposed Wheeled Vehicle)


* Audi implements Torsen in the quattro


* Toyota implements Torsen
* Gleason Corporation and Zexel form a joint venture


* Mazda implements Torsen


* Rover implements Torsen
* Zexel Corporation assumes complete ownership of Torsen


* Volkswagen implements Torsen


* BMW, Lexus, and HUMMER implement Torsen


* GM implements Torsen in F-Car Series
* Honda implements Torsen in the S2000
* Robert Bosch acquires majority share in Zexel Corporation


* Ford implements Torsen in the Ranger FX4 series


* Toyota implements Torsen in the 4Runner


* Bosch sells Torsen division to Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.
* GM implements Torsen in the SSR


* GM implements Torsen in the Trailblazer SS
* Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. and Koyo Seiko merge to form JTEKT Corporation.


* Toyota implements Torsen in the FJ Cruiser (MY 2007).
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