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Hey 3rd genr's, they started a 1/4 times post in the 1st/2nd gen section, matbe we should start one in here. It looks like a great way to see what combo's work in 3rd genr's.
As they are doing post best time's and combo.

I have a '68 and below is installed and waiting to fire up....

402 bbc
Chevy steel crank (Nitrited)
Chevy Forged rods
Chevy Oval port Heads
Harland Sharp Roller Rockers (1.7)
Doug Herbert Cam (.553-.571 lift, 110 deg)
Doug Herbert Solid Lifters
Doug Herbert Valve Springs
Edelbrock Torquer (original/angled carb) intake
Holley 750 DP Carb
Hooker Pro-Comp Headers

TH400 with a 2400 stall (for now)

Rearend (multiple choices):
GM 8.2 10 bolt (original in car--open w/2.73 gears)
GM 8.5 10 bolt rear (buy posi and gears)
Ford 9" (needs to be cut down, buy "posi", buy gears)
South Side Machine Bars

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Sure why not.

I have a 74 hatchback with pretty much stock interior plus 8 pt. roll bar. Car weighs in at 3300 with the driver.

355 sbc
Cast flat tops with 4 valve reliefs
Chevy steel crank
Eagle SIR 5.7 rods
Edelbrock RPM aluminum heads (64cc)
Edelbrock RPM Cam
Edelbrock RPM AirGap intake
HP 750 Carb
MSD 6AL ingnition
MSD Billet distributor
Blaster SS coil
Electric Water pump
Electric Fan
Frame connectors (weld in)

TH350 with a 3500 custom converter and manual valve body

8 1/2" Moser spool with 4.10 richmond gears and 33 spline moser axles.
CalTrac bars
Summit adjustable shocks
Hoosier Quick Time Pro tires (26" tall x 9" wide)

60' - 1.734
330' - 5.138
660' - 8.023
660' MPH - 84.95
1000' - 10.524
1/4 - 12.637
MPH - 106.58
At Firebird Raceway in Boise, ID. Elevation 2700'. Corrected Alt. 3599

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hi guys

i'll be honest, i havnt raced my nova in quite some time. i've done only a couple of things since then, so its gonna be relatively close

she's a 73
355 from '79.
stock heads but with 2.02 intakes installed.
holley 600 vac. single pump carb
stock intake
hooker comp headers (fit just fine outa the box :) )
2 1/2 exhaust to jones mufflers ( a flowmaster rip off i was told)

she's got a saginaw 3 speed thats colomn shifted. lets just say it takes a while to row through the gears when its up there LMAO

the rear end is stock 8.5 open diff with a 3.08 gear.

tire at the time was a 195/14

with this, she ran a 14.628 @ 96.74
sixty footed in about 2.2

since this time, i've put on 245/14 street tires, roller rockers, edelbrock performer rpm air gap intake.

hey david d, nice times with your nova! impressive :)


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72 Nova

406 sbc
Performer RPM cam/intake
Trick Flow 23 degree heads
cheap street tires

Here's the ticket:

R/T 0.274
60' 2.171
330 5.728
1/8 8.652
mph 83.89
1000' 11.200
1/4 13.509
mph 92.03

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74 Nova
454 cast flat tops,
Comp Cams, Hooker headers,
Edelbrock intake, Holley carb
Turbo 350 2000 stall
8.5 10 bolt mini spool 2.73 gear.

Best ET 12.02 in 1/4.

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73 custom, 355 9 to 1, l-79 cam 1.94 heads 70 l-t1 intake 600 vac 1"5/8 headmans 3.73 8.5" 275/50/15 drs 3550# with me in it. 13.5/1.9 60',100 mph spinning tires. :mad: Over the winter put in custom Cammotion roller cam ,AFR comp ported 195s alum rad &waterpump ,750 proform mech secondary carb.I'm hoping for mid 12s 106 mph :D

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Okay, here goes:

stock crank turned .010 under
stock rods w/ARP bolts
TRW pistons w/.100 pop-up
"old" 2.02 camel hump heads
Comp Cams roller rockers - 1.52 ratio
Isky hyd. - 292/304 adv. duration, .510/.532 lift
Edelbrock Performer RPM
Holley 750 DP
Hooker headers with Flowmaster cross-flow exhaust system and X-pipe
Stock Muncie 4-speed
4:88 12 bolt posi w/"old" Ansen traction bars
28 x 9 MT ET Drag slicks

12.93 @ 105.69 through the mufflers

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Engine: 400, .030 over, 10.7:1 comp.ratio
TRW Forged Pistons
AFR 190cc aluminum heads
Comp Cams 274R solid roller cam
Comp Cams hardened pushrods
Crane roller 1.6 rockers
Weiand Stealth intake
Holley 750 dual feed carb
Hedman headers
2.5" exhaust with h-pipe and magnaflow mufflers
Accel supercoil
Autolite 3923 spark plugs!! (I work for them)

Transmission: TH 350
Transgo shift kit
2500 stall
manual valve body

Rear End: GM 8.5" 10 bolt
Richmod 3.73 gears
Eaton Posi
Lakewood traction bars

Others: B&M Hammer ratchet shifter
2003 16x8" zq8 aluminum rims
Competetion Engineering frame connectors
Electric Fan
Summit Aluminum Radiator

To date the best run with the car is:

60ft - 2.002
330ft - 5.497
1/8 ET - 8.361
1/8 MPH - 86.03
1000ft - 10.840
1/4 ET - 12.946
1/4 MPH - 106.91

On Kuhmo 711's (245/50/16) and thru the mufflers. Absolutely no traction. Will be trying slicks soon!

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Old setup:

1978 350ci (std bore)
GM flattop pistons with 4 valve reliefs
1978 #462624 76cc, 1.94/1.50 heads
Speed Pro L-79 copy cam
1-5/8 headers
Barry Grant Road Demon 625 vac.sec. carb
Edelbrock Performer intake
Water pump & power steering hooked up
Flex fan

BW T-10 4spd
GM 8.5" 10-bolt, 3.73 posi
28x11.5 ET Streets

R/T: .534
60': 2.217
1/4: 14.98

Can't wait to see what the NEW SETUP yields!!!

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wht73 said:
NovaJoe, how do you like the "x" pipe. I have 2.5" Ultraflos with an H pipe.It sounds good but the X pipe got me curious about the power & sound vs the same combo with an H. Any thoughts?
I actually put the x-pipe on because I read about the power increases over an H-pipe. The Flowmaster kit I have came with the H. The sound didn't change a lot because of the cross-flow type muffler. I think the sound would be more dramatic with true dual exhaust. I still like the sound though. Don't know if I picked up any power 'cause I don't have a before and after comparison. Hope that helps!!

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Heheheh.... I can almost run you down Dave... no wonder you had to pull the motor and tranny:).


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My 74 Pro Street Times

Here's my latest time for my 1974 Nova Pro Street. The car dyno'd at 318 rwhp and 355 rwtq. That was before the valve springs got replaced. Car has more torque and hp now!

My best 1/8 mile stats so far:
60 foot: 1.817
ET: 8.141

This should equal a 12.76 in the 1/4 mile.

Stats on my car:
72 396 Big block
700R transmission
8 3/4 Mopar rear with 4.56 gears and spooled
Tires are Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros 31 X 16.5 X 15
Holley carb on top of a Weiand Stealth intake.
Hooker Supercomp headers with dual exhausts that exit out in front of the rear tires.
K & N air filter and flow through top.
MSD 6AL with the 7,000 chip in it.
Car is back halfed, roll cage, and ladder bar setup.

I should be able to get a little more out of it when I put slicks on it and open the headers. Hopefully break into the 7's since I still have a little spin with the Mickey Thompsons.



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72 Nova-3300 LBS with driver

461 Big Block
GM Oval port heads port matched
Crane Gold 1.7 Roller Rockers
Lunati Solid Camshaft
Edelbrock 454-0 Victor Jr. intake
Holley 830 HP
Full 3" H-pipe exhaust with Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers(Torque Tech)

TH-350 with manual valve body
TCI 10" converter-3000 stall

GM 12-Bolt posi with 4.11 gear
CE slapper bars
CE adjustable drag shocks

Mickey Thompson ET DRAG slicks on 7" ralleys
STREET-Radial T/A' traction!!!!!!!!

BEST 60'-1.59

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Here's my 1971 Big Block Nova Combo

427 Tall Deck Marine Block bored .100 w/short fill
4.25 Stroke Callis Crank, 6.535 Lunati Pro Mod Rods
SRP 13.5:1 Pistons, Pro-Filer 320cc 24 Degree Heads unported
LSM .800 lift Roller with too much duration, Isky Red Zone Lifters
Ported and welded Victor Jr. intake. 1050 Dominator
Lemon's 2 1/4"x4" Headers, Magnaflow 4" bullets
GZMS Sportsman Pro Vacuum Pump, CSI Water Pump
NOS Double Cross Plate

TH400 w/Neil Chance 10 Promod converter, Chrome Moly Shaft w/1350 joints
9" Rear, spool, 3:55 gears turning 28x13.5 ET Streets
Calvert Cal-Trac's and Split Mono's. Car weighs approx. 3200 lbs.

So far best pass has been a [email protected] with a real conservative tune up in the plate and not hooking up. Still working the details out of it.

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Lets see :
350 c.i.
750 holley
edelbrock rpm intake
crane energizer cam 467 lift 222*/222* @.05
World S/R torquer heads

350th w/ trans pak
3.08 open gears :eek:

Best time so far 14.5 @ 95 mph r/t .610

14.4 @95.7 r/t .382

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Here is my '72 only made 4 passes with the current combo. It's my daily driver and I race it in 100% street trim.

385 stroker
nodular iron crank
stock 400 rods/bolts
cast pistons
87 octane
186 double humps with stock 1.94/1.5 valves
286 magnum single pattern comp cam [email protected]"
just under 1/2" lift with 1.52 comp rockers
electric fuel pump and fan
3310 holley 1/2" spacer
Performer RPM
1 5/8" headers into 2 1/2" exhaust with x pipe and hooker muff's
turbo 350
3.50 posi
265/50 radial t/a's
my own traction bar design
HEI of course
anyways it's ran a best of [email protected] with a 1.905 sixty foot, i was told with slicks it should run an 11.7. Apparently the day I ran everyone was 1/5 of a second slow also.
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