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yenko tribute

  1. Body and Interior
    I am in the process of completing a 1969 SC427 Nova exact code dated replica. I can not find a template for the yenko badging anywhere. Also, there seems to be several versions of emblem placement on a "bare bones rubber mat" Yenko versus Yenko's that were built from a 396 SS platform. Any help...
  2. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Just found this, its a old Yenko advertisement for the 3rd gen Guys. Cool Beans.
  3. Car Profiles
    Yenkno - 1972 SS Nova Yenko tribute Year: 1972 Model: Nova SS Engine: ORIGINAL Body/Exterior: 2D Front End: Stock coils Transmission: TH350 with 2800 SS and shift kit. B&M Quicksilver Rear End: 12 bolt posi with .355 Exhaust: Headers 2 1/2" duals with Flowmaster 40s...