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wiring troubleshooting

  1. 1964 chevy 2 column neutral safety switch wiring

    I'm sure this is an old question, but I am having trouble wiring in my NSS into my new wiring harness from autowire. I have wires labeled for brake switch, reverse lights and reverse, but when I try to get my reverse lights to light when in R, they either come on when I hit the brake pedal or...
  2. 73 Nova Reverse lights always on

    I have a 73 nova with an automatic th350. The steering column shifter has been replaced with a B&M floor shifter. The reverse lights are always on whenever the car is running. A few other issues that could be related... The red "BRAKE" light in the dash cluster is always on unless I press the...
  3. 73 nova voltage drop after start up

    I have a 73 and the battery isn't charging. I've had electrical issues for a while and last weekend I replaced all the wiring. Vehicle info - -fully charged new battery in the trunk -new 0/2 gauge going from the truck to the engine compartment grounded to the engine block and rear frame rail...
  4. Help Identifying Wiring (Under Hood & Under Dash)

    Hello, I'm trying to salvage my butchered wiring harness from the previous owner and need some help identifying the following wires. I would really appreciate some assistance: 1. Green and Green with a white strip branching off front room near the driver side wheel well. 2. Grey, Yellow...
  5. radiator support hot when not grounded???

    3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    ok so im not sure if im just an idiot or not if someone could please explain this to me. So the deal is i re-routed all the wires in my 72' and it came out really nice, if everything is hooked up right. I was using a test light and the headlights werent working, then i realized that the radiator...
  6. How difficult is wiring or rewiring the dash?

    I have a 73 Nova...and nothing in the dash works or is hooked up. How hard is it to rewire? I've done alot of stereo system players...but never messed with this kind of stuff... Any tips, tricks, encouragement? Should I tackle it or take it to the shop? Thanks in...