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wiring harness

  1. Nightmare or simple fix??

    ey y'all I have a 1972 nova New here and having some issues with my lights when I turn my right blinker on the right side lights up bright when I turn my left blinker on it lights up my right front but then it is dim, left side marker and left rear light up also dim. Brake lights work...
  2. Does 69 Nova wire harness work for 69 Acadian

    Looking to replace the wiring in my 69 Acadian. Bringing it back to life, and the old wiring system has been spliced, parts replaced. Sick of trying to trace a wire back and having it change colours 4 times. Wondering if a new body harness for a 69 Nova is the same for my Acadian and is this a...
  3. Igntion? Fuel? Carburation? A general ***?

    Cannot figure out what is going on and 5 different mechanics (not really familiar with Novas) have given me different theories. 62 L6 stock car. Running fine until I had some work done on it by a Chevelle mechanic. Now it cuts out whenever it gets up around 62 mph on the highway. Feels...
  4. New fuse box and wiring harness

    Hello I have a 1973 Nova that has a few wiring issues. I have been having some fuse problems. The cars wiring has never had a full go over before and I'm starting to have some issues with fuses blowing. The original fuse box seams to have a lot of add on wires that people have installed over the...