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  1. Originality
    Is there any differences in the 1972 windshields? As in, if I had a 1972 sedan and it had a busted windshield, would any 72 windshield work, like the coupe windshield? And can anyone send a link to one that's is cheap and shippable to ZIP 36203 (Like a Ebay post) Thanks a ton! :)
  2. Electrical
    Hey guys, I'm new to this and just recently bought my 73 nova with a 350. When I got it the windshield wipers didn't work and I realized it was because the motor was disconnected. When I connected it I started feeling sparks coming off the bumper. Has anyone ran into this before? Is the motor...
  3. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    I have a 64 Chevy II 4 door and want to customize it by putting a exterior windshield sun visor/ sun shade on it, i guess they never made one and I would have to custom make it. Anyone ever done this before? Any good ideals? Thanks
  4. Body and Interior
    I have a '66 sedan that was restored by the previous owner. The car does not seal well around the doors or the windshield. I think he used cheap chinese weather stripping for the whole car. My question to you all is, what is the best brand of weather stripping? I want something the will fit...
  5. Body and Interior
    Hey Guys..... I just had my new windshield & rear glass installed on my 63 nova hardtop. The glass was purchased from Auto City Classics, the rubber from Classic Industries & the trim from Chevy 2 Only. On the front window @ the pillar, top side I have a gap between the rubber & pillar. On...
  6. Best of Body and Interior
    I Have been meaning to do this for some time now and today I had the opportunity to install a windshield in a 65 Nova SS. So here goes : First here are the tools you will need hook tool (cotter pin puller), 1/4" or 3/8" rope (3/8" is prefered) and some type of byutl sealant ( tremco wb300...
1-6 of 6 Results