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  1. Homemade roll bar 73 nova

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    A while ago my brother gave me what appears to be an entire roll cage that was cut out of a vehicle. My 73 2-door Nova has bucket seats with no carpet and needs new floor pans. I'm considering adding a roll bar when I do the floor pans and I have some questions. I have more than enough tubing...
  2. Original Patch Job At Tranny??

    I pulled my "original" '65 nova ss 194 w/powerglide today and notice while underneath disconnecting the shifter linkage, there looks to be an approx 6" wide, 10" long torch cut with sheet welded back in. Thought it may have been an original column shifter and it was converted to a powerglide but...
  3. New from Iowa

    Member Introductions
    Hey there members; I'm chevyboswell (Mark). I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I've got a 1975 Nova 4 door. It's the "custom" model. It has the 262 CID (4.3 liter) V-8 that they only made in '75 and '76 I understand. It came with factory duel exhaust, which is kinda cool. It's...