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  1. Electrical
    I have a 73 and the battery isn't charging. I've had electrical issues for a while and last weekend I replaced all the wiring. Vehicle info - -fully charged new battery in the trunk -new 0/2 gauge going from the truck to the engine compartment grounded to the engine block and rear frame rail...
  2. Electrical
    A quick question of concern for you electrical geniuses out there: At low idle, occasionally my Gen light comes on and I hear a light "moaning" sound from the engine compartment. If I give it a little throttle, the sound and light go away. This doesn't happen all the time, only occasionally...
  3. Electrical
    So I took the Nova in to get fixed. I had a battery drain, transmission pan was leaking, and the starter would some times just click. They fixed the battery drain and transmission pan. I had them replace the starter. However, I'm still having issues with the car starting. Sometimes it will just...
1-3 of 3 Results