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  1. Having an issue figuring out my vin

    I have a 69 nova. I looked at vin decoder sites and my vin doesn't match anything. For the engine mine is 23 instead of 11,13,14,15,16,17 or 18. Can anyone help?
  2. Help needed re vin # from brand new member

    Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone I am recently back into a new to me 62 or 63 Chevy 2 Convertible after 12 years, having sold my 65 hardtop to finance my honeymoon. Yes, we are still together! Previously had both a 62 and 63 convertible Chevy 2 - at the same time. Yes, I did run one set of plates back and forth on...
  3. Would GM or GM of Canada know which vin# was last produced?

    Canadian Owners
    Hey guys, I had a pretty cool Friday. Today was my employer's Sports Day/Picnic, and they had asked me to coordinate a car-show for the members and their families and guests. Due to short notice, we only got a bout 12 folks who signed-up for the car-show, and what better way to get paid a day's...