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vent window
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  1. Body and Interior
    Im looking to replace my vent window frames there rusted pretty badly. I found the frames but looking for the vent window assemblies. Anyone know where I can get them. Ive looked everywhere. Thank you!1
  2. Body and Interior
    Does anyone know the SIZE and LENGTH of the DOOR SCREW that holds the Vent Window Assembly in place for a 1966 Nova 2 Door hardtop? I found online that the 1966 Chevelle takes a 3 inch screw, but this would be way to long for the 1966 Nova. I can't find any information online to let me know...
  3. Originality
    I have a 66 sedan that just had new vent windows put in and I see a little hole on the inside of the door at the top right under the handle for the vent window but it never had anything in it. I think its for some kind of adjustment for the vent window .can anybody help with the part I need ...
  4. Body and Interior
    im replacing my weather stipping on my vent windows on my 68 nova. Flyer has sent me the info on how to replace the weather stripping but i had a tough time getting the frames out of the door. and im worried about putting them back in. do i remove the door glass before i re install the vent...
1-4 of 5 Results