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  2. Drivetrain & Performance
    anyone ever change out a power glide to a trans with OD on an inline 6? what trans is best for this? and what other info can ya offer on the process? my plans are to change the trans out to something with OD but maybe in the future swap the motor out. so is there a specific trans that would...
  3. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    NEED Advice on Brake Upgrade (non-performance) 74 Sedan with drums all around, 2 piston master cylinder with no brake booster. Stopping and keeping the car stopped at a light takes a lot of hard pushing. I am going to keep the car mostly stock but may add headers and better intake to the 350...
  4. Drivetrain & Performance
    so i have a v8 63 nova and want to put a th400 in the car, i have a th350 it the car at the present time. What would i have to do to fit the th400 under there? my plans are to buy a 4-link set up from TCI as well. Is this a good or bad idea??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  5. Drivetrain & Performance
    So i've been looking through the mass quantities of inline six threads (and drooling profusely) and still have a couple questions. first, i'm driving a '64 with the 194 inline six. 1) I remember seeing a link about converting to HEI distributor. I've been messing with my points/timing and...
1-5 of 5 Results