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turn signal lens

  1. Body and Interior
    I own a 69 nova and i’ve been trying to buy clear signal lenses for it, and it seems impossible to find such a simple thing. I know the 70 Nova had clear turn signal lenses but i’m not sure if they would fit a 69. Someone help me figure this out, thanks.
  2. 4th Generation Nova's
    I do remember these cars new in the showroom but there is one thing I am foggy on. I seem to recall that the special horizontal front turn signal lenses used on the '76 Nova SS & '77 - '78 Rally Nova came in both clear lens and orange lens versions. I could very well be mistaken regarding this...
  3. Body and Interior
    I was looking for some screws for my turn signal lens, and found out that my 70 Nova should have clear lenses on the front and the amber lenses didn't start until 1971. Can anyone confirm this? I am not a purest by any means, but I would like to at least follow some kind of guide lines. I guess...