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  1. Body and Interior
    Who is the best supplier for complete floors, braces and trunk pans, and what companies to stay clear of?
  2. Electrical
    ey y'all I have a 1972 nova New here and having some issues with my lights when I turn my right blinker on the right side lights up bright when I turn my left blinker on it lights up my right front but then it is dim, left side marker and left rear light up also dim. Brake lights work...
  3. Body and Interior
    I can't seem to find a replacement bezel or lens for my hatchback trunk light that's mounted on the driver side rear interior panel in the trunk area. All the ones I come across are just the dome lights for the roof. :confused::confused: Any help is appreciated! Here's a few pictures:
  4. Member Introductions
    Want to introduce myself. My name is Josh Panchot. I currently own a '63 SS Conv. Sold my first car a '63 Hardtop so I could purchase the Conv. Anyone know of anyone making replacement Trunk Spears? Was thinking about looking into how much it would cost to have one made out of Billet Aluminum...
  5. 4th Generation Nova's
    I have heard that a sore spot for rust is under the rear window where the trunk lid shuts. Someone suggest that I rubber seal that area as a preventative measure. I am not really sure what they meant by that. Use a rubber sealing spray like that guy on his screen door bottomed boat? Has anyone...
  6. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Hey guys, just wanted to first say hi and looking forward to you vast amount of knowledge.. I just bought a 1962 Acadian Invader and i am redoing it from ground up , i was wondering if anyone has a picture of the back end of the car with out a bumper on it .. the floor is rotten along the back...
  7. Body and Interior
    I just buy a new rear floor for my 72" nova. I had already throw the old one to the scrap. Someone, can ship me a picture of the rear cross rail filler fitted underneath the car. I can't figure how new filler goes. :confused: Throw old parts to scrap, beginner error.... Regards,
  8. 3rd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    well this all started when i filled up my gas tanks in my nova and it leaked. so i bought a new gas tank and sanded it down painted it in bed armor. well so i go to pull the old one out and shoot its the wrong tank stupid hatch back haha. any ways i got the right one for $50 and free set of...
  9. Body and Interior
    I have have a 1974 chevy nova and I'm trying my best to redo the trunk I bought a new gas tank for it because the guy before me drilled through the old one to patch the rust hole in the truck so I'm ripping out everything bad and starting over. But any way the truck support for the left side was...
  10. Originality
    Looking for assistance with the placment of trunk emblem on my '68. Don't have a body manual and, well, 68's are unique... '68 Custom 350/350 in Synergy Green
  11. Body and Interior
    My trunk is almost totally gone and I am to the point I am about to have someone put a "floor" in for me to cover my gas tank which he is going to install for me as well. I am thinking just a flat 'pan' with a hinge so that I can access the top of the tank. Short of cutting up a donor car (if I...
  12. Electrical
    I know some of you guys have added a button for a electric trunk popper. This is a pic of mine in the ashtray above the cigarette lighter. Just wanted to share and see others...... just curious of your locations. Add some pics.
  13. Body and Interior
    My trunk lock on my 1978 coupe has malfunctioned and is locked closed. I need to replace the lock. My local auto part stores only have the lock to a hatch back. Does anyone know if those are interchangeable? Also any suggestions to popping the lock to get it open without damaging the trunk lid.
  14. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    So I'm thinking of splurging for the full fitted trunk carpet on my '63 (thinking it may kill a small bit of noise on top of looking nice) and that got me thinking more about trunk organizing. Currently (like probably many of you) I have a container of 50/50 coolant, P/S fluid, oil, trans...
  15. Body and Interior
    I am getting a 72 nova project in a couple of days and there is a serious rust problem that I need to fix. The part where the quarter panel meets the trunk is completely rusted through all over and I can't find any info of how to fix it. Could someone tell me what the part is called or where I...
  16. Body and Interior
    my 71 nova has a box spot welded to the back of the rear seat. any ideas what the hell this is?
  17. Originality
    Anybody have a picture of how the trunk stickers (jacking, posi etc.) should look on an original 1975 Nova?
  18. Body and Interior
    Hi, Any tricks to replacing the door/ trunk weatherstripping on my 1975 Nova? Picked up 3M adhesive remover and yellow adhesive, but I'm not sure how the old stuff should come off. Is it glued and snapped in place? Thanks!
  19. Body and Interior
    I was recently riding around in my car, and someone closed my trunk a little harder than usual, and now the trunk lock won't turn to let me open it. I had to take the back seats out to get the girl's purse out of the trunk, and let me tell you, it was the biggest pain ever. Anyway, changing...
1-19 of 21 Results